Killers & Boosters Examples

(Attitude Adjustment for Custody Case Litigants)

Ever since we were forced into the custody case arena in 1991, we have looked for 'The Right Answer'. We wanted to know what the mediators, evaluators, and judges wanted to hear. We were willing to paint ourselves yellow if that's what they wanted.

(I don't even look good in yellow.)

Years of working with thousands of other parents and grandparents individually and in parent's rights groups, with child protective service agencies in nine major cities, attending seminars with counselors, attorneys and psychologists and interviewing attorneys, judges, mediators and guardian ad litems; reading many books on custody and writing several of our own we have found out here is no "the right answer".

Our cases, lives, children, communities and the laws that affect us vary to such a huge degree that there are too many answers. This book deals with what others do to us, what we do to ourselves; love, pain, fear, the past, present, and future, perception and perspective. This is not a book of legal advice or pat answers just a book of suggestions and options. Use what you can and ignore the rest.

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Custody Case Killers & Boosters

(Attitude Adjustment for Custody Case Litigants)

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