Who's in Charge of Your Child Custody Case ?

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If it's your husband, wife, father, mother, attorney or your significant other?
You may be in big trouble.

The truth is:

Whether you win or lose custody of your children, at the end of this case, everyone else gets to go home to their children.

Only you will lay awake at night too worried about your children to sleep.

You have to most to lose or the most to gain.

What you are going through is so difficult and painful it can be tempting to hand over the responsibility and decision making to someone else. That can create some huge problems for you.

Mediators, Psychologists and Judges are very sensitive to a case that looks driven or controlled by someone other than the parents of the children. Troubling issues come to mind, including:

  • Is someone other than this parent really interested in custody?
  • Why does this parents agenda seems to change constantly?
  • Are others using this custody case as vendetta of rivals for a parent's attention?
  • Is this about power, money or something other than the welfare of the child?
  • Why is this person hostile and on attack of the legal process and the other parent?

Often an attorney will have your husband, wife, father, mother or significant other stay out of the limelight as much as possible if they give the appearance of power or passion.

Accept the healthy help offered by the people who care about you. But do not hand over responsibility for or control of your case to anyone.

In this war of endurance and attrition, you need to and should accept appropriate support and assistance from the people who care about you and your children. Appropriate support includes a calm, reassuring listener, finder of knowledge, and information to partial or full financial support.

Inappropriate help includes fanatics anxious to make personal sacrifice or doing questionable activities to meet your goals. Make sure your case does not look driven or controlled by someone else. It is advisable to help your husband, wife, father, mother or significant other be and appear as a support person rather than a leader. If this person finishes your sentences for you, does more talking than you do, and makes promises or decisions for you, you have this problem.

What we offer you is loads of information and hundreds of options!

"Win Your Child Custody War" manual

  • A remarkable new no-nonsense method of understanding and running your child custody case.
  • Identify what the court would see as your problem behaviors and control them.
  • Determine who you can talk to and what you can safely tell them.
  • Learn about more than 69 of the most common panic situations.
  • What they really mean and see how other parents handled them.
  • How to hire a great attorney, fire a bad one, and know if you can sue a dangerous one.
  • When, why and how to keep a contact log book.
  • Dealing with lies; theirs, yours and, the biggest lie of all.
  • When and how to use detectives and experts.
  • How to negotiate successfully.
  • Preparation for Home Study and Psychological Evaluations.
  • Examples of Home Study, Psychological Evaluations and Detective Reports.
  • When and how to depose someone to get the best results.
  • How much does a custody case cost and when is it spent.
  • Ways to make your child kidnap resistant.
  • Information a child should know if the opportunity to escape opens up.
  • More than 700 pages of the most valuable and current information available.

The fact is if you are not following your own plan, you are most assuredly following someone elses.

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