Precedent for Child Custody

is covered in depth in the Win Your Child Custody War manual

There is no chance that the judge will research cite cases which identify the precedent in your favor.

Attorneys rely on the cases they use over and over and may not have the knowledge, resources or time to research the new pertinent cases.

The cases offered by the other side may not be on point or may have been overturned.

Win Your Child Custody War will help you become familiar with the process and show you the new Cites that will help your case in the ever changing world of child custody.

Precedent set in a tobacco or personal injury case or even a different state may have a point of law that applies to your case. It is not necessary for the precedent to be set in a family law case to help you. Case Cites may include; Change of Circumstance, Parenting Time, Child's Choice, Grandparent Rights, Recording Phone Calls, Custody for Non Family and Move Away.

Additional Topics

You need Precedent

Win Your Child Custody War has Studies, decisions, rulings, previous cases and laws all have a bearing on the outcome of your case.

Interference with Visitation

Damages for Custodial Interference

Damages for Interference & Kidnapping

Liability for Interference with Visitation

Wrongful Inclusion Witness Protection

Damages Awarded for Kidnapping

Psychological Parent

Best Interest of the Child

Grandparents Visitation

Parenting Constitutional Right

Protective Laws Can't Hide a Child

Custodial Parent Can Move Out of State

Vexatious Litigation

Absolute Right to Tape Record Trial

Non-Lawyers Can Assist

Recording Telephone Conversations

No Need For Order For Wiretapping

Parental Alienation Syndrome

PAS Testimony Excluded

Full Faith And Credit

Real Advantage Test

Surprise Witness May Not Testify

Shared Parenting

Polygraph results being introduced at trial

Precedent that will make it easy for the judge give the best decision for your child.

Don't give the other side the win because you were blinded by anger or motivated by revenge. You may have good reason to feel what you feel but those feelings won't give you custody of your child.

The Win Your Child Custody War manual will help you sort out the issues, deal with the horrific things the other side does to you and build the strongest case you can.

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